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Salto announces minority investment in Trustech

April 10, 2024


Salto, a global leader in pioneering building access, identity management and electronic locking technology, has made a minority investment in Italian-based company Trustech.

This new partnership shows Salto’s commitment to innovative smart building solutions aiming to increase their energy efficiency and decreasing their CO2 footprint. Trustech focuses on the development of pioneering energy nanagement solutions to reduce energy consumption, while measuring and certifying energy savings. Designed for seamless installation without the need for expensive wiring, the solutions are ideal both for existing and new buildings seeking to enhance sustainability while providing tangible economic advantages to operators.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Trustech, a dynamic new company founded by a team uniquely skilled in innovative technology”, stated Aznar Sethna, CSMO Salto Wecosystem. “This partnership ushers in a transformative era for sustainability and energy efficiency in building spaces. Together, we are committed to developing groundbreaking products that promise not only significant energy savings but also represent a new benchmark in environmentally conscious living and working environments.”

“The partnership between a prestigious worldwide player like Salto is an ideal synergy to quickly spread into the market the benefits of our disruptive innovation”, remarked Alberto Vuan, founder and CEO of Trustech. “Together, we aim to provide a concrete and measurable contribution for more sustainable buildings and reduce CO2 emissions by leveraging our proprietary algorithms capable of certifying energy savings at single room level.”

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