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Glass touch panels to supervise energy savings.



An energy saving indicator for your Guest.

By making the Hotel Guest conscious of their CO2 emissions during their stay, the Hotel Management has the possibility to leverage the trustability and transparency of the ZHEUS GRMS system, thus engaging the guest, and making them fully conscious of their Carbon footprint.

ECOMETER provides the Room Guest with an indication of their virtuous behaviour in terms of sustainability. Any deviation of the temperature and light settings, from «baselines» defined by the Hotel, will trigger different colours on the ECOMETER indicator.


Blockchain Certified Energy savings.

ZHEUS is the first GRMS system that certifies through Blockchain the amount of Energy Savings achieved, both by the GRMS system itself (through its own energy consumption optimisation algorithms) and by the virtuous behaviour of the Hotel Guest during their stay in the hotel guestroom.

The Hotel Management now have a new tool to visualise in a simple and effective way, the amount of electrical and thermal energy saved, and the corresponding CO2 reduction within a given period of time.

All «blockchain certified» savings for each single «Energy Saving Session» performed by each hotel guestroom around the world, feeds a centralised ENERGY SAVING calculator which then provides trustable and certified information on the real contribution of the ZHEUS ecosystem to the Sustainable Development Goals.


From the creator of VITRUM, a new concept for intuitive and easy to use Smart Room touch points.
Entirely made of 2mm thick glass plate, with fully customisable coloured backlit Icons, and sculptured effects, highlighting the central vertical bar where the most important commands and displays are concentrated.

Glass Touch Points: Design & Tech

Temperature Management panel

Traditional commands to allow the setting of temperature deviations from the default value set by the hotel, ECO MODE button to maximise the energy saving, ECOMETER display, OLED White Display, up to 5 configurable temperature levels.

Lighting / Universal Control panel

Up to 9 back lit and fully programmable and customisable buttons, smart light scenario command.



Controllers with Power Relays on board and multiple Input/Output resources.

Ethernet wired controller with 12 16A Power relay Outputs , 12 Digital Inputs, 4 Analogue 0-10V Outputs, 2 RS485/Modbus ports, IR output to control splitters.


Ethernet wired controller with 12 16A Power relay Outputs , 12 Digital Inputs, 4 Analogue 0-10V Outputs, 2 RS485/ Modbus ports IR output to control splitters. and KNX port to integrate KNX sensors and actuators.


Wi-Fi + BLE controller, ideal for retro fit installation, compact size, 8 Power Relay outputs integrated, 8 digital inputs, 1 0-10V output, 2 RS485/Modbus ports, IR output to control splitters.
WI8 can work also as Expansion Module for IP12 Controller providing unlimited capabilities of handling complex configurations.


The Power of a versatile CLOUD software architecture, natively integrated with a public Blockchain and the autonomy of the local Physical Appliance Server.

Simplified Guest User interface to monitor in real time statistics for the entire hotel, having all settings and controls available at a glance.


Outdoor panels with RFID and QR code guest identification technology.


RFID card reading technology, plus dynamic QR code reading technology based on a miniature camera and laser pointer.

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